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A story of environmentalism, teamwork, leadership, and exploration, The Ancient Song of Life features three young girls and their nana who embark on a fantastical adventure together to save the bees. The girls bring their nana to meet the mystical fairies they have recently discovered in their beloved Edmonton River Valley, and together they learn about the ancient secrets of the bees and what it takes to help save them.


In this one-of-a-kind story, children will rejoice in and be inspired by the strong message that no contribution is too small—we can all make a difference!

Although this is Jenn Carson’s first step into a formal writing career, she continues to be respected in and an advocate for health and wellness. Her message of taking care of ourselves, others, and our environment is who she is and how she lives. Jenn was inspired to write this book because of the many times she and her family spent at the university farm behind the Saville Centre in Edmonton, Alberta. This book is a tribute to her grandchildren’s beautiful childhood and their late grandfather.


Jenn lives in a lovely neighbourhood in Southern Edmonton with her twelve-week-old cockapoo, Addie, and is strategically located near her three granddaughters. During the university semesters, her “student child” (and illustrator of this book) Meg Hunter also lives with her. The Ancient Song of Life is Jenn’s first children’s book.



Jenn M. Carson


Meg K. Hunter

The Ancient Song of Life - Paperback Copy

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