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Health Promotion, it's what we do.

Protect + Connect + Communicate + Policy + Share

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Physical and Psychological Injury Protection 

Reduction of injury, both physical and mental, is our PASSION! Seemingly small adjustments to our environments (ie workplaces, schools, daycares, community centres, training facilities ect.) can make huge differences in preventing or reducing injury. Together we can boost psychical and mental health specialized to the needs of your unique group.

Seamless OnBoarding Support with All Aboard

Let’s face it turnover for your organization, business, team or community is not only costly, it can leave a gap in expertise, experience and a need for change/transition management. With Peak + Prairie we are all about All Aboard, a process built to support you in creating a positive, informative experience for new recruits. Connect with us to discover the On Boarding program of your dreams.

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Health Messaging Campaigns

Have a health message you’d like to share with your crew *ahem* like the new normal post COVID-19? From planning to evaluation or “soap to nuts,” as a wonderful colleague of mine used to say, we’ve got you!

Health Policy Power-Up

Better health for your people starts here.

Health policy adherence is an important aspect of any business. 

We specialize in review and creation of Policies and Procedures with formal psychological protection policy and health in mind.

Our Social Innovators are keen to be your guide through upgrading your policies with our Policy Power-Up program.

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Speaking Events

Invite us to come play!

Workshops - Facilitation - Keynote

Virtually or there in person we would love to be part of your event and spend valuable time digging deep into health topics with your group. Our roster of Social Innovators are health professionals, evidence-based and belong to registered health colleges.

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