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Welcome to

the Club(house)

Our Health Promotion Podcast

Big change begins with conversations. Have a listen in on our chats with leaders in Health Promotion. 

Each episode we will focus on science relevant to creating safe and well spaces. You won't want to miss the rich conversation and knowledge gems you can use in your community, workplace, organization or really anywhere you are with other people. 


In the clubhouse and anywhere

Peak +Prairie may be



BIPOC communities We hear you. We stand with you. You belong here. We need your voice.


Our team is dedicated to learning and growing. We know we may never fully comprehend, it won't stop us from continuing to show up, do the work and elevate you so you may share your messages.

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Peak+Prairie has #pride🏳️‍🌈 and 

values the gender spectrum.

However you identify...

Your health matters. 

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Share a Health Message with us

We are committed to sharing resources, education, events, and other ways our community can engage in doing their work too. 


If you have something you’d like featured on our resource section drop us a line 

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